Close Up of a Hand Pumping Sanitizer


We want to assure you that our top priority is the health & safety of our customers, community, and our employees. Based on recommendations from Health Canada and our provincial public health authority, we have implemented the following practices and procedures to keep everyone healthy while we provide our services:

Hand Sanitizing

Our Green Cleaning Technicians sanitize their hands before entering your home, and make it a practice to sanitize frequently throughout the day and during your cleaning appointment. 


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

Our Green Cleaning Technicians wear disposable gloves and if you request, we will wear a mask in your home. 

Equipment Sanitizing


Our Green Cleaning Technicians disinfect tools/equipment prior to entering your home; and as always, use clean cloths, that have been properly laundered, for every household. Also, as a rule we do not bring a vacuum cleaner- we only use our customer's personal household vacuum cleaner to avoid cross-contamination.


Physical Distancing  

We request that customers remain in another room for the duration of the cleaning, or be out of the house while we are cleaning. 


Solo Cleaning  

To limit the number of people in your space, we offer solo cleans. For regular maintenance house cleaning appointments we send one Green Cleaning Technician to your home. One technician means a longer appointment, not added cost, and you will still receive a thorough cleaning. 


Extra Disinfection Step  

As an extra, free service, we use 3%H202 (hydrogen peroxide) to disinfect high touch point, hard surface areas such as door handles, taps, toilet handles, light switches, etc. 




Staff Health Checks


Our Green Cleaning Technicians do not come into work if they are feeling ill, or have any symptoms of a cold or flu.


Customer Health Checks  

Customers are asked to reschedule their appointments if they, or any member of their family have cold or flu-like symptoms.