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a clean modern country kitchen with mismatched chairs and a wooden table and a mint colored retro fridge and a golden retreiver lying on the tiled floor


Where Clean Meets Green

Eco-Friendly Cleaning for Customers Who Value a Natural, Non-Toxic Home

Natural House Cleaning Specialists in Edmonton

You can feel good about hiring Fresh Nest Green Cleaning to clean your home. Why? Our products are naturally effective, 100% eco-friendly, and safe for people and pets. We take great pride in our natural, non-toxic approach to cleaning and are committed to creating healthy, productive living environments. Book a one-time deep clean or regular service with us to enjoy better indoor air quality, a cleaner home, and peace of mind.

Customized Residential Cleaning 

Our insured green cleaning technicians provide biweekly and monthly full house cleaning services, as well as one-time and deep cleaning services. Every home is unique, so we offer flexible options that suit your needs. We are confident in the cleanings we provide, so they're backed with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure you receive the best cleaning possible.  And, with no contracts or long term commitments, you get to choose how and when we clean.

Mindful Cleaning 

Our natural house cleaning services are provided with the highest respect to the environment and our customers well-being. We're thoughtful & thorough, and always leave your home fresh and sparkling clean without compromising anyone's health.

Affordable Luxury

Rates will vary as each job and home is different. For the skilled labour, products, and services you will receive from us, our prices are designed to give you the best value for your money. 


For our customers who use our services regularly, we offer discounts for recurring bookings and a killer Referral Program

a fresh and clean, relaxing luxurious tropical bedroom with lots of pillows

Natural House Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Cheerful yellow hello sign and fresh flowers in a clean and bright bedroom

Recurring House Cleaning

We provide routine green cleaning services for a naturally fresh and healthy home. Customized plans, no contracts & reliable service.

edmonton house cleaner cleaning a kitchen counter with natural cleaning solution

One-Time Deep Cleaning

Are you expecting house guests? Need a spring clean? We have top-to-bottom deep cleaning solutions to make your home shine.

Young couple moving out of their home.Couple is happy taking their cardboard boxes to new house in Edmonton

Move In/Out Cleaning

Save valuable time and energy! Focus on the move and have your home professionally cleaned with our move in and out cleaning services.

Little Boy Playing on a Bed of White Linen with Green Pillows

House Cleaning the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Keeping your home clean isn't always easy... especially if you have small children or pets. Muddy paw prints, fur, spills, and sticky surfaces are just part of life. We can help. Our natural, non-toxic approach to cleaning and disinfecting will effectively tackle all of those messes.

We are not your typical 'spray & wipe' cleaning company. We believe in time-tested ingredients and good old fashioned elbow grease. We wash, rinse, and buff dry hard surfaces to ensure residue and water spots aren't left behind. And that includes towel drying your floors after mopping. It's the little details that make all the difference. Your home will look and feel cleaner!

A Big Fluffy Goldendoodle Dog Sitting on a Bed of Clean White Linens

Why Customers Choose Fresh Nest Green Cleaning

Customers trust Fresh Nest Green Cleaning to provide high quality house cleaning. But that's not all.

From exceptional client care to our no-nonsense pricing, we have the products and services to make your life a little fresher, healthier, and happier.

Non-Toxic Products

 Health is top priority. Our products are safe for people, pets, and the planet.

100% Guaranteed

We stand behind our green cleaning services. If you're not happy, we will re-clean it.

Job-Based Pricing

We price each job based on your unique needs to ensure you get the best value.

Trained, Vetted Employees

Our fully insured cleaners are trained in the art & science of green cleaning.

Prompt Communication

We're here when you need to get in touch. Email or text us for quickest response.

Save Time & Energy

We know your time is valuable. So relax, and let us do the cleaning.

A Happy Family Enjoying Story Time Lying on the clean Living Room Floor

Enjoy Life

Let Us Do the Cleaning

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