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Professional Cleaning for Your Old Home = A Smart Move

Fresh Nest Green Cleaning offers move in & move out cleaning services in the Edmonton area. Our cleanings are extremely thorough and always leave homeowners, tenants, and real estate agents delighted with the results.  We naturally clean and disinfect without leaving behind any toxic residue or harsh chemical smells.  Whether you need a final cleaning at your previous residence or a fresh start in your new home, our experienced team provides detailed cleaning services to ensure you have a smoother move.

Saving You Valuable Time & Energy

We know moving is stressful. Cleaning is the last thing you want to be doing once the movers have gone. That's when we come in. Our move in/out cleaning is a combination of our Deep Cleaning Service plus any add-on services you require. We offer customizable cleaning, which allows us to create an effective plan for your unique cleaning needs.

Focus on Your Move...
Not the Cleaning

Hiring a professional house cleaning company will take some of the stress out of the moving process. We help homeowners and tenants who are moving out, meet the terms of their sale or lease agreements.  And for those moving into a new home, our green cleaning method ensures a fresh, clean and healthy environment upon arrival. 


 Our specially trained team provides more than just a basic cleaning. We ensure a deep, floor-to-ceiling cleaning and sanitizing is done by paying attention to the small details and accumulated build up. 

What Will My Move In/Out Cleaning Cost?

Move in/out cleanings are more complex and therefore require a longer appointment time. When you request an estimate for a move in or a move out clean, it's just that, an estimate. 

To generate your estimate we take into consideration your home's specifications, the anticipated cleanliness level of your home, and your specific cleaning needs. We also take into consideration that while every home is different, our experience has shown there is a minimum amount of hours required to do a proper move in/out cleaning, no matter the square footage. It's a thorough process and we work off a 58-point checklist of detailed cleaning tasks. Our move in/out cleaning services typically start at $300.00.

Should your cleaning take less time than anticipated and we finish early, we will only bill for the time we have cleaned. If we arrive on-site and it appears it will take longer, there may be additional charges. Ultimately, the final cost will depend on the scope of work and the actual condition of the home.

Closeup on woman's hands in yellow protective rubber gloves deep cleaning oven with a microfibre cloth

Popular Add-On Cleaning Services for a Move In/Out:

  • Refrigerator/freezer deep green clean

  • Oven deep green clean

  • Clean under/behind large appliances

  • Walls spot washed

  • Blinds dusted

Move In/Out Cleaning Checklist

Service includes the following standard items:

Young couple moving in new home.Couple is having fun with cardboard boxes in new house at

Trust Us for a Stress-Free Move

Professional Move Out Cleaning 

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