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It's Time to Get Your Home Back on Track

Fresh Nest Green Cleaning offers professional deep house cleaning services in the Edmonton area. Our deep cleaning, also known as a spring cleaning or an initial cleaning, goes beyond a regular house cleaning. It is a thorough process designed to bring your home back to a maintained state, and ensures your home stays cleaner, fresher, and healthier for longer. 

Top-to-Bottom Residential Cleaning

We give your home the attention it deserves with a top-to-bottom cleaning of all the essential areas, plus those areas that are commonly overlooked. The result is a fresh and spotless home, with less maintenance required going forward. And, with our healthy, non-toxic approach to cleaning, you can relax knowing your home is free of chemical residue.

If you have fallen behind on routine housekeeping, haven't had a cleaning by a professional recently, or want to start Recurring House Cleaning, our deep cleaning service is for you. 

Interior of an Industrial Style Home with a Wooden Staircase and Gold Pendant Lighting

Reset Your Home With Our
Deep Cleaning Service 

Even a frequently cleaned home can benefit from a professional cleaning. Over time, layers of dirt and grime can accumulate in high traffic areas like the kitchen or bathroom. If you've fallen behind on housekeeping, we can help get things back on track.


Our Deep Cleaning Service is detailed and thorough, and covers areas that may have been neglected or are in need of some extra attention.  We leave your home fresher, healthier, and easier to maintain moving forward. Our deep clean can last up to four weeks with some light upkeep.  

a woman house cleaner in a plaid shirt and rubber gloves cleaning a white counter with natural cleansers and microfibre cloth

A Deep Cleaning is Perfect for:

  • Spring/seasonal cleaning

  • Special events & holidays

  • Family gatherings & house guests

  • Welcoming a new baby 

  • People experiencing allergy flare ups

  • Putting your home on the market

a glamourous bedroom with a window seat with white bed linens, nine gold and white tailored cushions with a green art deco wallpaper feature wall and green plush throw on the bed

Your Initial House Cleaning Appointment

Deep cleaning is offered as a stand-alone service, but it's also intended to be the starting point of biweekly and monthly Recurring House Cleaning Service. 


We book a deep clean for your very first appointment to ensure a professional standard of clean. This initial cleaning requires a longer appointment time due to the fact that homes usually have more build-up when we arrive and get a closer look. 


We provide an estimate for all deep cleans but you will only pay for the time we clean. That means if we finish earlier than anticipated, we will adjust your price accordingly, or, if we arrive to find the home has more build-up, there may be additional charges. 


Once the initial deep cleaning has been completed, we can then provide an accurate price for your recurring cleaning services.

Deep cleaning includes everything in Recurring House Cleaning plus:
  • More time dedicated to deep clean standard items

  • Wipe doors front & back

  • Clean under range hood

  • Deeper grout and tile scrub

  • Dust reachable vents

  • Baseboard detailing

  • Window sills wiped

Optional Add-On Cleaning Services Include:
  • Inside refrigerator or freezer

  • Inside oven (no chemicals used)

  • Washer/dryer wiped clean; laundry room cleaning

  • Vacuum/wipe down of drawer & cabinet interiors

  • Furniture vacuuming, pet hair removed

  • Steam clean flooring

  • Dust reachable ceiling fans

  • Dust blinds

  • And more!

All White industrial farmhouse Open Concept Home with Modern Kitchen with Shiny Stainless Steel Appliances

Reset Your Home

Top-to-Bottom House Cleaning

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